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Tuttle, OK

This email exchange is pretty amusing. The debate in the comments is fairly tiring, actually. You have the LOLs and the apologists, but nobody seems to take the middle road.

Here's my take: Jerry acted like an idiot. He should have called in IT. Johnny was mostly polite and very patient, but he made a mistake: he tried to reason with a panicking idiot.

If I were Johnny, here's what I hope I would have done. I would have gone along more or less like Johnny did until the FBI threat came. That would have been my signal that I'm dealing with an irrational person and I would have then said something like "Neither I nor CentOS has done anything to your server. I will not entertain any further correspondence unless it comes from your IT department." Inside I would be secretly hoping that he calls the FBI. I've always wanted to meet an FBI agent. We could go to lunch with an FBI IT guy and have a good laugh.

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  1. Those crazy Tuttles. I really feel sorry for their local LUG.

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