The Fugue Counterpoint by Hans Fugal


align Environment

How I managed to get along for so long without knowing this I don't know.
The align environment in LaTeX is very nice for typesetting a series of equations, e.g. in a proof. Here is an example:

P(A)\text{ and }P(\overline A\cap B)&\text{ are mutually exclusive.}\
P(\overline A\cap B)+P(A\cap B) &= P(B)\
P(A\cup(\overline A\cap B)) &= P(A)+P(\overline A\cap B) &\because           \text{Third axiom of probability}\
P(A)+P(\overline A\cap B) &\le 1 &\because \text{First axiom of probability}\
P(A)+P(\overline A\cap B)+P(A\cap B)-1 &\le P(A\cap B)\
P(A)+P(B)-1 &\le P(A\cap B)

That will typeset a series of equations aligned by the &s.

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