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Code Reading on a Kindle

First, add this to your ~/.enscriptrc file:

Media: kindle 498 612 0 0 498 612

Now, here's a script (I call it kindlecode) to generate a pdf on stdout:

enscript -Mkindle -E -p- "$@" | ps2pdf - -

Usage is something like this:

$ kindlecode *.{c,h} > /Volumes/Kindle/documents/foo.pdf

kindlecode in real life

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  1. I love reading books on the Kindle, but for me its usefulness pretty much ends beyond novels. It’s just too hard to do anything non-linear and anything with non-trivial layout needs gets mangled. I do tech stuff and reference books on my iPad now, which I like less than the Kindle for novels, but way more for other kinds of books/magazines.

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