The Fugue Counterpoint by Hans Fugal


This blog is a projection of me. I use it primarily as a public log of the difficult things that I do and want to remember how to do later. I hope the hard-earned knowledge I share here will help others avoid the pain. I also occasionally rant on random things that are important to me (what blogger doesn't?).

I am a Computer Scientist, which means I am not only a programmer but also enjoy testing the limits of computers. What can and can't they do? How can we make them do it faster? I am a PhD candidate at New Mexico State University doing research in computer music, which primarily involves digital signal processing and machine learning. I also harbor secret interest in programming languages and compilers, and genealogical data models and software.

I am a System Administrator, which means I love to tinker with operating systems, networks, complex software, and electronic gadgets of all sorts. As operating systems go I am particularly fond of UNIX and its clones—especially Linux and OS X—and not at all fond of Windows. I am a free software enthusiast, and have contributed a few humble programs to the corpus. I consult on system administration and VOIP, especially Asterisk and the various flavors of SER

I am a Musician. I play the organ and the piano and sing in choirs. I can't get enough Bach. I wish I had Jazz chops. I have composed a few embarassing electronic music pieces.

I am an Aviation enthusiast. I long to take to the skies, but until I can afford it I make do with FlightGear and X-Plane.

I like to cook. The Food Network is my favorite cable channel. Alton Brown is my hero. I specialize in bread, pizza, and sweet stuff.

Finally, above all, I am a husband and father to the most delightful family on Earth.