The Fugue Counterpoint by Hans Fugal


Hipster Redux

I've talked about the Hipster PDA a few times. I finally stabilized on a system that works for me. I've been using it steadily for months with no major changes now, so I thought I'd share with you.

My brief foray into the hipmod was fun, but too restrictive and small in the end. I understand others enjoy it though, so I'm glad I did it.

I find the classic hipster with a few modifications works best. My biggest beef with the original hipster is that it falls apart and it's not very user-friendly. That binder clip had to go. So I got some binding rings (½" I think, but the exact size isn't critical) and use a standard 3-hole punch to punch 2 holes in the index cards, and bind it with 2 rings. This makes a more book-like planner, which nicely folds over on itself.

Now, those rings can be pesky to open and close so I decided not to. I snip a little cut from the edge of the cards I want to be removeable to the holes. They stay in but will come right out and go right in without struggle.

I also like to print some forms (as you've seen). These I just print on regular paper and trim to size with a guillotine then hole punch (no snips, that works best on cardstock).

I made front and back covers out of a cereal box and duct tape, and even a pen holder out of duct tape. I'll post a picture soon so you can see.

My planner consists of a few reference pages I printed out (including a circle of fifths, a few airport kneeboards, performance data for my favorite planes, and morse code… anything you can find a PDF for.), my weekly calendar/todo list pages, and a bunch of index cards that I use for notes, moments of inspiration, or whatever else they come in handy for. Oh, and a paperclip to mark the current week. I only have to reprint/refill the weekly pages about once every 3 months or so.

For printing things, I wrote a script that automates some of what I mentioned in previous posts.


Printing Hipster

So the hipmod is too small for you? You want to use the regular-size hipster? But by golly your printer refuses to play nicely with index cards?

Here's a solution. Use Multivalent to 4-up index cards onto regular paper, and cut them with a guillotine. You can use cardstock for the full effect.

The trick is in printing the cards at the original size, and optimizing for trimming. Something like this:

./multivalent impose -nup 4 -sep 1 -paper 6x10in core.pdf

This gives you a 6x10-inch PDF (core-up.pdf). Now you need to print it without scaling it to letter size. That should be straightforward to figure out in your environment. Then take it to the guillotine and make your 6 cuts and pat yourself on the back. If you're really clever and your printer has <= ⅛-inch margins you can get it down to 4 cuts.

If you want to make a lot of one card, you can do something like this:

./multivalent impose -nup 4 -page 46,46,46,46 -sep 1 -paper 6x10in core.pdf

You can even get clever and take advantage of duplex printing if your printer supports it. Sky's the limit!